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The Best Wear for Your Hardware

Put-em on and "forget about-em!"

Men — tired of having to "fix yourself" all day because your skivvies suck? Ladies — tired of watching it? Yeah... we all are.

UNDERWARE to the rescue! With our proprietary "comfort sack" we envelop your manhood in a lazy-boy lounger for your man-parts

No more "sticking leg"; No more "man-wiches"; No more sitting on your boys; and no more "adjusting yourself"

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A "man cave" for your manhood

Never adjust yourself again!

Liberate Your Manhood Now!

A "man cave" for your manhood

Never adjust yourself again!

Liberate Your Manhood Now!


Get Masculine Freedom Now
UNDERWARE is the premium "sack underwear" brief. It uses a proprietary comfort sack design that isolates your privy parts so they they don't get smushed, crushed, or stuck to your leg! UW—its the best wear for your hardware!
breathable mesh. Your manhood is meant to stay cool for testicular health. Keep your testicles cool, dry, and healthy.

Breathable Mesh for Testicular Health

the comfort sack


Free Your Manhood, Free Your Life!

Your hardware was never meant to be mashed into the poorly defined “no man’s land” of the average boxer brief, stuck to your leg, or free to roam all day in your granddaddy boxers.

Our unique wrap-around design made of high-quality breathable tech-mesh allows your manhood to hang the way it should.

The UNDERWARE Difference

– Natural hanging "comfort-sack"

– Thick & extra soft embossed waistband

– Durable tech fabric to outlast other briefs

– Antimicrobial technology to fight odor and germs

– Quick-dry technology to keep you cool and dry

– Breathable mesh in comfort sack and crotch panels

– No more "fixing yourself" all day

– Never have your man-parts stuck to your leg ever again!