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UNDERWARE USA Featured on Major media outlets!

Recently UNDERWARE USA teamed up with Brand Featured to help us with a little PR. This partnership turned out to be extremely helpful in getting our brand name out. They are very professional and easy to deal with. They got our message in front of the right people. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see our briefs and our story featured in affiliates of NBC, CBS, and Fox, and many more local TV stations around the US as well as many newspapers websites including the Boston Herald! We were even featured in financial outlets, most notably Market Watch. Click on the logos below to see our featured press releases!

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August Contest! | Win a Year's Supply of UNDERWARE "Comfort Sack" Briefs | Starting July 28th 2021

  Win A Year's Supply UNDERWARE "Comfort Sack" Briefs!   PRE-ORDER YOURS NOW FOR AN EXTRA 50 ENTRIES! Introducing our August 2021 Contest! During August we are running a give away contest to win a year's supply (a full 12 pairs) of UNDERWARE performance "comfort sack" briefs. Besides first place, there will also be two 2nd Place winners of two pairs of briefs, and five 3rd place winners who will get a single pair. There is no purchase necessary to participate!!! You can have many entries by social sharing and referring to your friends. Get and Extra 50 Entries by Pre-ordering! — You can click here to pre-order at least one pair of shorts, and then enter the invoice number...

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Living With Purpose

I want to just introduce you to a fantastic podcast I recently listened to on Ryan Daniel Moran's channel. The podcast is titled: Adel Sayegh: Lessons From The Man Who Lost The World, But Gained His Soul Basically Adel is the modern day Job. He had everything; he lost everything, and he still thanks God for it. The key reason you should listen to this is that Adel's interview really forces you to think about what really matters—wherever you stand religiously. All of us talk about that. But Adel forces you to think about it in the context of business and life not going the way you want. In the midst of a battle with cancer, his leadership team embezzled...

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Gratitude: A Force Multipler for Overcomers

I read a lot of self improvement, leadership, and coaching type literature. As someone who spent years in professional ministry as well as coaching executives I have spent thousands of man-hours coaching people on how to keep their head in the game. There is a ton of good stuff out there and there are also kilotons of "meh." But of all the things that seem to "work" in getting keeping people's heads back in the game, mine especially, is a simple little thing called gratitude. Gratitude or "thankfulness" has seemed to have arisen to the top in my life over and over again. Maybe that is because gratitude automatically forces us to consider what we have, and not what "we...

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Overcoming Overwhelm: How You Can Hit the "Reset" Button When the Pressure Mounts

If you are anything like me, when tasks mount up, I get overwhelmed. Sometimes it just feels like an elephant sitting on my chest. Designing and bringing starting a brand, company or bringing a product to market is no small task. Things never move at the pace you want. Stuff stacks up, or perhaps we should say "backs-up" kind of like a toilet clogged with... You get the picture. Getting Rid of "Overwhelm" Here are some things I do to get unstuck when I am am dealing with "overwhelm." 1. Take the False Pressure off Yourself — I am not saying don't push yourself. You need to keep yourself accountable to execute. Just drop the ego. Get rid of the...

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