Underware Men's Boxer Briefs Underwear


Guys—tired of "adjusting yourself all day?" Ladies—tired of watching it? Yeah we all are, and the universal cause for this timeless atrocity is that traditional briefs aren't worth the fabric they are made out of.

For thousands of years, nations have risen and fallen because poor underwear design has driven uncomfortable men to destructive behavior. Ok, so maybe  we are stretching it a bit, but discomfort makes us all a little cranky? Bottom line—Things should fit right... especially the garment where you store your family jewels.

Whatever we do, we all work better, play better, and even take risks better when we are well equipped and prepared. Mountains of scientific data has been amassed to prove that men perform better without a wedgie or a "manwich" in our pants! Sorry we cannot produce that data right now though... but it makes sense to us. Nevertheless, if you are dude, you are nodding your head up and down right now saying "right on homie!"

We have re-imagined men’s briefs so they actually fit real men. We began with a man's anatomy and built our brief around it. It came down to four simple laws of masculine life

  1. Men were meant to hang! — That's right, the testicles hang for a reason, to keep them cool and loose promoting testicular health, and yes for you nubile yound mothers... higher sperm counts
  2. Men hate it when the boys get stuck to our leg! — yeah that just sucks. You ladies always ask, "why are men always fixing themselves?" Well if you want to know why, before you head out for you day tomorrow ladies, try taking a scoop of fresh cookie dough and shoving down your panties and walk around like that for the day. Then you might have a good idea of what the average guy goes thorugh with his trach underwear.
  3. Men Need support — while we want freedom, we still want some support. Most of us are not too hip on the feeling of going "jingle all the way" in great granddaddy's boxers.
  4. Men want testicular freedom — this means we still want to be able to move and perform like a ninja

So how did we solve it? We did so with the UNDERWARE performance brief with proprietary comfort sack. One single anatomically inspired brief provides perfect support in an isolated comfort sack where the boys never touch the legs. These things are so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing them

Underware Men's Boxer Briefs Are the Best Underwear



UNDERWARE Brand is a new player in the men’s underwear and sportswear market. Our mission is to make sad men happy and happy men happier through simply creating the best fitting briefs to ever see the inside of your trousers. In fact, we are so sure you will love these briefs that you may not want to wear... your trousers!

What makes us different? We have created the most practical brief based on a man’s true anatomy. UNDERWARE is characterized by our exclusive breathable “comfort sack” (patent pending) design and technology.


 Underware Brand Men's Boxer Briefs: The Best Underwear


We are not just being cute here. There are true health reasons the male testicles hang outside the body. This has everything to do with long-term testicular health and even has been shown to have impact on sperm health.

Your hardware was never meant to be mashed into the poorly defined “no man’s land” of the average boxer brief, stuck to your leg, or free to roam all day in your grandad’s boxers.

Our unique wrap-around design made of high-quality breathable tech-mesh allows your manhood to hang the way it should. This, plus the wrap-around mesh part of the comfort sack, keeps the boys cool and dry. Our fabrics also include both quick-dry and antimicrobial technology to create an environment of maximum care for your precious jewels.

Underware Men's Boxer Briefs Underwear Breathable Mesh

Our design not only employs breathable mesh for the comfort sack, but for the entire crotch panel. This provides maximum breathability and water-wicking in your most delicate regions so you stay dry and comfortable all day.

Join us! Pick your self out a pair, put-em on, and enter a brave new world!