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Some years ago I made the switch to boxer briefs. When I tried them on, I said to myself, "Wow, I really love the feel—what a great idea." But it did not take long for me to get disillusioned. The problem was that all the brands making boxer briefs had put absolutely no thought into how the most vital parts of a man were supposed to fit into them. So there I was, just like you, fussing and re-adjusting my briefs all the time to try and find the comfortable fit.

Happily, as frustration is usually the mother of invention, it inspired deep cogitation on how a better boxer brief could be designed. After a few years of these ideas rolling around in the back of my head, I shared it with a friend. He immediately blurted out, "I would buy those right now!" That gave me the final shove I needed.

As chance, fate, or providence would have it, I had a friend who was a professional men's clothing designer. After sharing my idea, he invited me up to his studio in Boston, and we got to work. In a few short months, we had a prototype we were pretty happy with. Guys loved them! And you might say the rest is history.

We launched a successful crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter in Oct 2023, and now we are liberating men's masculine parts with crusader-like commitment. We are on a mission to make the best wear for your hardware!

There are a lot of players in the men's underwear space now—many claiming to have the ultimate "sack" or "ballpark pouch". And many of them make a quality product. But nobody does it the way we do.

The UNDERWARE Difference

So what is the difference? Our brief individually wraps both your leg and your nutty-buddies. This means two things: First there is no skin-on-skin contact between your man-grenades and your thighs. But some other brands do this. Secondly, however, since we wrap both the leg all the way up to the join and your man-parts separately, this means there is only cloth-on-cloth contact between your boys and your thighs. The fabric takes all the beating during furious activity and puts a STOP to chaffing.

Further the separate nature of our sack creates comfort and protection that no other brief can match, especially in active men.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The best way to find out is to try a pair. Buy one and try them. If you are not fully satisfied, your first one is free!

We would love to hear from you with questions, comments, feedback, or if you are an influencer who is interested in partnering.

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Stay comfortable out there!

Todd Murphy & Team UNDERWARE