Happy New Year from UNDERWARE USA

Good Morning! — And a happy 2024 to you!

We hope you are waking up happy and refreshed to a bright new 2024! I know a few of you might not be simply because, to quote Prince, you "partied like it was 1999!" We pray for your speedy recovery!

Our Website, which was not live for some time, is now up and LIVE.

By way of update, we ended 2023 with a lot of excitement with our successful Kickstarter Launch campaign.

Our Kickstarter managed to raise around 25K over the 31 days it was live from Oct 17th to Nov. 17th 2023. This was better than we expected. We greatly appreciate those of your who took part in the campaign and supported us. You who did are now the happy owners of some brand new "comfort-sack" briefs in some wildly cool colors.  Thank you again for your support!

What's On the Horizon?

#1. More Sport & Athleisure Wear — As part of our crowdfund campaign we created add-on products which include the following:

  1. Ultralite Athle-Tee in Black and also in White
  2. Dark-Knight embroidered Hoodie
  3. Premium Enduro Sports Socks in both Black and white.

We will post another blog post with more details on these super new products. You can preorder these now and view them by clicking on the links above for each. We are expecting these to be in by the beginning of February!

#2 New Styles and Fabric types for our briefs

 On the horizon we will be adding some new styles, like a 9-inch inseam and we are developing prototypes right now of alternative and more earth-freindly fabrics like Bamboo and Merino Wool.

#3 New Website

We are working on an improved website that will make your shopping experience better. If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you. Post a comment, or email us!




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