Unapologetically Celebrating Masculinity!

UW is not just an underwear and sportswear brand for men... What drives us is our values.

Let me get to the point. We care about hard-working men and hardworking women care about. We care about classic American values, hard work, achievement, and being authentic, compassionate, and strong men in the world.

What made this country great? — hard work and American values. Whether it was the the Founding generation or the Greatest generation, they were our models and examples. They set the standard for generations to follow!

UNDERWARE USA  embodies those values in our products, our company culture, and aims at preserving our American Way of life.

We set out to serve men directly by creating products that apologetically celebrate masculinity and the best of this country and its history. But we are out to serve women too, not by our products per se, but by our celebration of masculinity.

"How does that work?" — Glad you asked!

Manhood and masculinity are taking a beating in pop culture. And the differences between masculine and feminine are being blurred.

As manhood is downplayed, so is femininity, womanhood, and motherhood. The two are beautified by contrast. As we celebrate one, the opposite looks that much more unique and beautiful. We serve women "by" serving men!

We have a lot of fun here in our celebration of manhood, but that should not be confused with "machismo" which is fake and empty. Real men are achievers, ethical, good husbands, and fathers. They get up and go to work tirelessly for their woman and children. They leave their blood on the battlefield of life every day, and sometimes on real battlefields too.

We are about this kind of man. If you are, or love this kind of man too, then we are also for you and your values!

Join the revolution!

Tell us what you think!

God and Country!

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  • Michael

    I totally agree with you! This country was founded by people of faith and it’s time we get back to this.

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