UNDERWARE & Back Again: An Entrepreneur's Tale

Welcome to the journey, a fantastic quest over treacherous terrain. A journey where we will navigate hamlet and shire, mountains and mines in search of the elusive one ring of power (read waistband).

This is the maiden voyage of the UW blog—"The Daily Briefs" where we will keep you up to date on products, specials, good news about masculine comfort and general all around red-blooded American bad-assery!

When you are in the men's underwear business, you cannot take yourself too seriously. You gotta laugh about topics that some people find a bit awkward.

I don't find men's drawers that awkward to talk about, but I cant tell you how many folks do get a little flushy and blushy. 

But There is More to It!

While we can't take ourselves too seriously, we still need to realize that there is something more to it. Your underwear actually affect both your health (especially testicular health—a very serious subject) and how you go about performing on the job, in whatever you do.

Lets face it guys, if your delicate parts are uncomfortable, they are distracting you and distraction always impedes performance. Period!

Our Mission

So how did we get started? What made us create a new line of men's underwear? I am so glad you asked—whether you asked or not.

Funny I was reading a little article today about Richard Branson and the two questions he asks entrepreneurs to help them find their purpose. The first question is: What is that you really like? This is a good place to start to get you into something you are passionate about.

The second question is probably the more important one and may have started more business ventures than anything else. The second question is simply: What do you dislike? Can't get any more simple than that! What is the problem, irritation, or thorn in your side that you think needs to be fixed in the world? Simply put: if its aggravating you there is a good chance it is aggravating others too!

So to the question, How did I get started doing this? It was something I disliked. I disliked how men's underwear are never made to anatomically fit a man properly. it seemed to me that the part of a man that is most cherished by both men and women for propagating the human race, gets the lowest quality care. We believe there is a better way. So we set out to build a better brief!

Presto! — the UNDERWARE performance brief. The evolutionary apex of masculine comfort.

Traditional skives or "tighty-whities" barely deserve mention. These are so poorly designed its like manhood abuse! The leg chaffing with these should be federally regulated.

Then there is your granddaddy's traditional boxer. I'd take them any day over some tighty-whities, but the feeling of going "jingle-all-the-way" as you are exercising or performing is unsettling.

The boxer-brief revolution was a slight improvement, but they never thought out what to do with your boys. The spandex feels good against your legs and rear. But your man-parts are somehow corralled into the formless no-man's land between your legs. Yeah so as soon as you get a it warm down there, you develop an acute case of "bat-wing." And No, that is not a vehicle or gadget from the DC universe. That is the uncomfortable feeling where your manhood has stuck to your leg so that you feel like you have a warm lump of cookie dough between your legs.

Well, I certainly could go on! But I won't. You get the picture... No—if you are a guy, you have experienced the picture.

We Thought It Through!

Ok so we found ourselves so frustrated with men's underwear design, that we were losing sleep at night. The thought of half the human on the planet in the constantly tortuous state of testicular suffering haunted our dreams.

Then it happened—one night I fell and hit my head while peeing int he dark, and there is was—my vision of the flux capacitor... (record scratch) Sorry wrong story.

Seriously I just started thinking it through—that is thinking precisely how I think men's underwear should fit. I mean those ladies have "Hanging things" and they get braziers with cups. Certainly we can do better for men!

Then it hit me—what men need is a BRO-ZIER! Men need a performance brief with a "comfort sack" that gives gentle support. That means things are not all dangle jangle, and neither are they crushed.

Most of all, men like the hardware to stay where it belongs.

The Best Wear for Your Hardware!

So I reached out to my buddy Phil Sawyer, a Boston based clothing designer, and we created UNDERWARE premium men's boxer briefs—the only brief with a "comfort sack" made just for yours!

More to come!

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