Living With Purpose

I want to just introduce you to a fantastic podcast I recently listened to on Ryan Daniel Moran's channel.

The podcast is titled: Adel Sayegh: Lessons From The Man Who Lost The World, But Gained His Soul

Basically Adel is the modern day Job. He had everything; he lost everything, and he still thanks God for it.

The key reason you should listen to this is that Adel's interview really forces you to think about what really matters—wherever you stand religiously. All of us talk about that. But Adel forces you to think about it in the context of business and life not going the way you want. In the midst of a battle with cancer, his leadership team embezzled his billion dollar company into bankruptcy.

This podcast forced me to ponder two critical considerations: (1) There is more to this life. and (2) There is more THAN this life. Yeah there is more to this life than work and worldly success. But more than that, there is more than this life, which is a bigger issue. Jesus asked the question, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?"

Have you ever heard that? Have you ever stopped and really considered what that means? Adel's talk is a really helpful challenge. Very Thankful to Ryan Daniel Moran at for doing this interview!

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